God’s Window is an environmentally responsible retreat. We encourage interdependence and compassion by living in harmony with the earth and all our systems of support. While we know there will always be more we can do to operate in as harmless a manner as possible, there are many practical steps that we have taken already.

Electricity: We encourage the use of electricity sparingly. Bright lights left on attract unwanted insects indoors.

Water: On occasion the Port Edward area has interruptions in the water supply; we have 40,000 litre tanks to supply us with water during these times.

Fauna and Flora: Due to the retreat bordering the Umtamvuna Nature Reserve, all rules and regulations set out are for the benefit of the future existence of this natural habitat.

Insects, reptiles and animals: No harm must be done to insects, reptiles or animals at the retreat. Please do not destroy spider webs, nests or similar. Feeding of animals is not allowed. Should you need assistance in any matter please contact management.

Fires: Fires may only be made at existing fireplaces. All fires and coals must be extinguished prior to leaving the fireplace area. No collection of firewood is allowed on the retreat. Should you need fire wood please contact management.

Noise and Music: No loud music is allowed. There are off site venues in Port Edward or Old Pont where music can be enjoyed. Please also refrain from shouting and screaming at the resort.